Solar Panel: SunPower® X-Series Residential 360w


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Maximum highest efficiency solar panels

SunPower solar panels achieve record panel efficiencies of over 22%. The panels are the most powerful and reliable solar energy panels available on the market today, delivering the most electricity over the lifetime of your system.
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Product Specification

Solar Efficiency

22% efficiency

Product Warranty

25 year Sunpower warranty only valid when installed by a Sunpower authorised installer

Power Warranty

25 year Sunpower power warranty only valid when installed by a Sunpower authorised installer


1559m (H) x 1046mm (W) x 46mm (D)


360 W

Cell Type



Black Anodized

Product Description

High Performance & Excellent Durability

High Efficiency

Generate more energy per square meter

E-Series residential panels convert more sunlight to electricity by producing 31% more power per panel and 60% more energy per square meter over 25 years.

High Energy Production

Produce more energy per rated watt

High year-one performance delivers 7–9% more energy per rated watt.

This advantage increases over time, producing 20% more energy over the first 25 years to meet your needs.

Specification Sheet – SunPower® X-Series Residential 360w X22 Monocrystalline B7

What’s Solar Efficiency?

Solar cell efficiency refers to the portion of energy in the form of sunlight that can be converted via photovoltaics into electricity. For example, a solar panel with 20% efficiency and an area of 1 m2 will produce 200 Watts.

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